Bristow and Sutor in Moyle

Bristow and Sutor in Moyle

If you are struggling with debts and are worried Bristow and Sutor are coming to collect, get inn touch now and we can help you.

Bristow Sutor Pay Online in Moyle

Bristow Sutor Pay Online in Moyle

You may be wondering if you can pay Bristow Sutor debts online. Our team can discuss this with you and let you know what to do.

Problems with Bristow and Sutor Bailiffs in Moyle

Problems with Bristow and Sutor Bailiffs in Moyle

If you have been having problems with Bristow and Sutor bailiffs, please get in touch with the team now and we can offer expert advice on how to deal with this.

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Bristow and Sutor in Moyle 

Bristow and Sutor in Moyle BT57 8 have established a reputation for getting outstanding results from potentially difficult debt recovery situations. They have been collecting parking fines, outstanding council tax bills and more for many years, and as such have developed a keen understanding of how to approach each new situation.

Coming out with a result is what Bristow & Sutor strive for and frequently achieve. Their clients have managed to recoup millions of pounds thanks to their efforts and they are happy to endorse them.

They primarily deal with three different areas of debt recovery;

  1. Council Tax
  2. Non domestic rates
  3. Penalty charges such as parking and braking driving regulations

All of these debts are collected for local councils and provide vital funds to be used in the local infrastructure and economy. Each recovered debt could go towards the emergency services, road maintenance or construction.

Bristow and Sutor Notice to Remove Goods 

Usually before Bristow & Sutor are brought in to help, a creditor will have tried to contact the debtor on several occasions. If the correspondence remains unanswered then many creditors feel like the only option left to them is to recover the money by using an enforcement agency.

Bristow Sutor bailiffs are specialists in this field and have acted in this capacity for clients on countless occasions. A Bristow & Sutor Notice to Remove Goods will be delivered if the debtor cannot be contacted either because;

  • They refuse to answer the door
  • They are not home when the bailiffs come to collect the debt
  • They continue to ignore correspondence

The Notice to Remove Goods is a warning to the debtor that a debt is still owed and because they have been unable or unwilling to pay for the debt, the bailiffs will be taking goods worth any value from their property to recover the amount owed.

There are rules at what they can and cannot take. As a general rule they cannot take things like;

  • A washing machine
  • A table and enough chairs for everyone in the house to sit in
  • A cooker
  • A fridge
  • A microwave
  • Medical equipment
  • A phone
  • Motability equipment
  • Anything on finance
  • A vehicle if it is essential for work
  • Computer equipment if it is essential for work

All this can be avoided, however, by contacting them and trying to work come to some arrangement with them.

Can Bristow & Sutor Force Entry? 

Having your finances under scrutiny is difficult enough, but having to deal with bailiffs adds another level of emotional pressure altogether. This is due in most cases to misinformed stories that people have heard surrounding what the bailiffs can and cannot do.

The most commonly misinterpreted story is whether they can enter your property or not. So, can Bristow & Sutor in Moyle BT57 8 force entry? The term ‘forced entry’ sounds rather dramatic - in reality, if enforcement agents do have to gain access to your property they will do it with the assistance of a locksmith. Your door will not be ‘kicked in.’

Here is a list of when these bailiffs can and cannot force entry;

  • They cannot enter your property if you refuse them entry.
  • They cannot enter your property if you are not there.
  • They cannot force entry without a Magistrates Court warrant
  • If they are going to enter your property it must be between the hours of 6am and 9pm
  • If they can enter the property by ‘peaceable means’ i.e through an open door they can do so legally. If they return and you don’t let them in then they can legally force entry.
  • If they are collecting unpaid income tax or VAT, they can force entry providing they have permission from the courts to do so.

Our local team can offer you more information on the bailiffs nearby you in Moyle BT57 8 and in surrounding areas and offer you a solution closest to your needs.

Bristow and Sutor Payment in Moyle 

Making a payment has been designed to be as simple as possible. There are many different methods of how a debtor can pay;

  1. The 24 hour automated payment line
  2. Pay online
  3. Standing Order
  4. Direct Debit
  5. Bank transfer
  6. Barclay’s Pingit
  7. Cheque
  8. Postal Order
  9. Cash

Any of the above methods are accepted, although some methods of payment will clear faster than others. This must be taken into account when sending off payments - make sure it will be received before any payment due date to avoid further complications.

Bristow Sutor Pay Online

If you are dealing with this company with regards to a debt then you will be given a case reference or case ID number. This is all you need to access the make a payment section of their website.

They accept most major forms of debit and credit card and payment confirmation is instantaneous. This has proven to be the most popular way of making a payment because it is quick and easy and stops the need for any visitation by bailiffs to personal or business properties.

Stop Bristow and Sutor Near Me

To stop Bristow and Sutor from chasing a debt then the best thing to do is to communicate with them. Even if you disagree with the reason for the debt you must still speak to them to avoid more serious consequences taking place.

Depending on the reason for disputing a debt, Bristow & Sutor may be able to sort this out with the debtor directly. If not, the debtor must get in contact with the organisation responsible for sending out the claim in the first place.

Regardless of whether you think a debt is disputable or not, you must contact the team as soon as possible to show that you are not ignoring their attempts to contact you.

Bristow and Sutor Complaints 

All complaints must be made in writing. A comprehensive guide to how to make an official complaint can be downloaded and printed off from their website. Upon receiving your complaint, they will aim to reply to you within ten working days.

Problems with Bristow and Sutor Bailiffs 

If you have any problems with Bristow and Sutor bailiffs in Moyle BT57 8 your first point of call would be the complaints procedure listed above. If you don’t feel as though your issue has been resolved you can take it further.

Before you do that, make sure that none of your rights have been breached by checking with debt advice charities for advice. They should also be able to confirm whether you can take your complaint further.

Our team can help you make the choice of what you should do, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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