Collectica Bailiffs in Aghalee

Collectica Bailiffs in Aghalee

We offer support to those affected by Collectica bailiffs. If you are in a position where bailiffs might come round, please get in touch now.

Collectica Notice of Enforcement in Aghalee

Collectica Notice of Enforcement in Aghalee

Collectica will send out a notice of enforcement prior to forcing entry. If you receive this notice, it is important you speak to our team for advice.

Stop Bailiff Action in Aghalee

Stop Bailiff Action in Aghalee

We are here to help you stop bailiff action. If you wish to speak with our team today, please make use of our contact form now and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Collectica Bailiffs in Aghalee 

If you have a situation where you are owed money and all of your attempts to get it back have been unsuccessful, it may be time to start thinking about letting professional enforcement agents do it for you.

Collectica bailiffs in Aghalee BT67 0 are a debt recovery firm who specialize in collecting monies that our clients have had trouble in obtaining. By using these bailiffs to do the collecting for you, you not only get a company with many years of experience but one that has a proven track record of favourable results.

They have provided indispensable services for clients as renowned as the Magistrate’s Court, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and the Housing Association. With a portfolio of clients such as these, it’s no wonder that they are the name people think of first when it comes to debt recovery. 

Collectica Payment Plan 

A Collectica payment plan is just one of the options that may be available to debtors once they get in contact. If a Notice has been served then the debtor must contact the customer contact agents in order to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, people are genuinely struggling and this company realises that if the situation is due to extenuating circumstances then they need as much help as they can get. If they are unable to pay the debt in full within the required time frame then the payment plan may help to ease the burden.

This option will not be available to everyone as everybody’s personal situation is different, but they seek to instill common sense in these situations. If they can help by offering a payment plan, then they will.

If you are interested in creating a payment plan, make certain to get in touch with our local team in Aghalee BT67 0 and a nearby expert will help you figure out what to do next.

Collectica Notice of Enforcement

A Collectica Notice of Enforcement is a sign that a creditor has applied to the courts to settle an outstanding debt for them. This usually because they have tried to contact their debtor numerous times and have either received no response or no form of payment. What usually happens from here is;

  • The creditor will apply to the High Court for a writ to be served.
  • Once the writ has been served, the company will take over to recover the monies.
  • This company enforce the judgement. The debtor has seven days to contact them to arrange payment.
  • If there is no response during this time, powers are then bestowed upon the bailiffs to remove goods from the property to pay off the debt

If the debtor does contact the company within the seven days and pays the amount in full then no further action will be taken. If the debtor and Collectica can come to a payment arrangement and the arrangement is adhered to, then no further action will be required. 

Collectica Complaints Near Me 

Although it is extremely unusual for the company to get complaints there is a procedure in place. Debt recovery is an emotional experience and Collectica take any complaints very seriously. The procedure normally takes place over three stages;

  1. Making the complaint - Complainants can either write to the company with their grievance or fill in an online form. Collectica will acknowledge the complaint within three days and investigate further, the results of which will be given to the complainant within ten days.
  2. Complaints and Welfare review - If the conclusions of the investigation are not to the complainants satisfaction, a review by a Complaints and Welfare Manager will take place. Again, a response is aimed to be issued within ten days.
  3. Final appeal - if the conclusion to the Complaints and Welfare Manager’s review is unsatisfactory then the case will be brought before an independent panel. An outcome will be determined within ten to twenty days. 

Can Collectica Force Entry? 

Can Collectica force entry to your property? It’s a fair question where bailiffs are involved as there are a lot of old wives tales surrounding what they and cannot do, legally.

By law, these bailiffs are not allowed to forcibly enter your property. They are allowed to enter if there is an open door or access through a window. They must have your permission to enter your home and you must be present when they do. They must do this between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

The only circumstances where they can forcibly enter, usually with the help of a locksmith, is to collect goods if you have broken an agreement, have unpaid Magistrates Court fines, or owe the Inland Revenue tax money. 

What is Collectica? 

With so many strings to their bow, it might be difficult to define this company. So, what is Collectica?

Collectica is a professionally ran debt collection agency, otherwise known as a civil enforcement agency.

They are usually hired when agencies use the Civil and High Courts to try to reclaim monies that are owed to them. They adhere to the CSA Code of Practice to recover these monies in a professional way, firm but fair. 

Stop Bailiff Action in Aghalee 

The easiest way to stop bailiff action is to respond to any correspondence from them. Whether it’s a phone call, a letter, or a High Court demand, the easiest way to sort the situation out is communication.

If a person is genuinely struggling but don’t let the company know, they can’t help that person. A dialogue between the debtor and company is always beneficial, as talking produces results. The bailiffs are there to collect a debt but they are also there to help if they can. 

Collectica Court Fine 

If a court fine remains unpaid and Collectica in Aghalee BT67 0 take up the case, the debtor will also be liable for additional costs. These are the fees that any debt recovery agency, would apply when administering this sort of request.

A Collectica court fine is much the same as any other debt in that a demand would be issued for full payment within a certain time period, plus any additional costs. If the demand is not met then that does leave the door open for more potentially serious ramifications.

As always, the advice in a situation such as this is DO NOT ignore the court fine. Speak to us to see what we can do for you and see if you can come to a mutually beneficial settlement.

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