Equita Ltd in Allimore Green

Equita Ltd in Allimore Green

If you have received a notice from Equita Ltd regarding bailiffs, our team can help you and can offer ways to prevent bailiffs coming.

Equita Bailiffs in Allimore Green

Equita Bailiffs in Allimore Green

You may be worried about Equita bailiffs and we completely understand! Contact us now for details on how to prevent bailiffs coming.

Equita Payment Plan in Allimore Green

Equita Payment Plan in Allimore Green

We can help you with your Equita payment Plan. Please fill in our contact form now to receive more information on how we can help.

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Equita Ltd in Allimore Green

This company has been in business for over 140 years and employ over 1,000 people across the country. These statistics alone should tell you that Equita Ltd in Allimore Green ST18 9 are the very best in what they do.

They pride themselves in being the top collection company in the country, especially their success rate of collecting funds and assets that have been historically troublesome to obtain. They have a customer database that is comprised of millions of successful cases and happy clients, and they have to continued to flourish year on year.

They realise that their introduction to a financial recovery situation means that emotions may be running high, so they carry out their duties with dignity and respect. They have many notable clients including large metropolitan authorities and district councils. All of them have given glowing testimonials about their professionalism and extraordinary results. 

If you need to recover an asset or payment then make certain to contact our nearby team now and we will be able to help you.

Equita Bailiffs Near Me 

The Equita bailiffs are an integral part of why the company are as successful and respected as they are. A bailiff needs to be firm but fair and finding someone who can balance those qualities equally can be difficult.

Bailiffs have a hard job. They see many harrowing scenes and they have to find it within themselves to keep a clear head and resolve the issue for their clients in a professional manner. Bailiffs have the power to;

  • Help to retrieve stolen property
  • Track down people that have absconded without paying
  • Are authorised to evict people from property
  • Carry out repossessions to recover payment arrears
  • Act on behalf on the courts’ to obtain a resolution to payment arrears

The bailiffs are your representatives in these situations, and the bailiffs are well trained and deliver outstanding results every time.

Equita Enforcement Notice 

An Equita enforcement notice usually begins with one of two sources; a civil case or a High Court case. Civil cases tend to deal with things such as missed council tax and parking fines, whereas High Court cases are for higher value recoveries, such as CCjs.

In a civil case, they will send the debtor a notice to pay in full within seven days. If they are unable to do this they must at the very least contact them to see if other arrangements can be made.  If the letter is ignored then Equita Ltd will send a bailiff to the property to recover the debt, either in payment or by seizing goods equal to the amount owed.

In a High Court case, the easiest way to set the wheels in motion is to apply for a High Court writ. In both cases, once the enforcement notice has been issued, they are able to take the steps to recover the money that is owed to our clients with the minimum of stress. 

Equita Enforcement 

Equita Ltd appreciate that the last thing any of their clients want is for Equita enforcement to have to be used, but unfortunately they are sometimes a necessity. If a large amount of money is owed then the best thing to do would be to apply to the High Court for a writ.

A writ is a way of giving the company more power to recover a client’s debt. Here’s how it works;

  1. Get a CCJ - either through a solicitor or get one online yourself
  2. Transfer the CCJ to the High Court - the next step in the process is called transferring up, which costs £66 in Courts fees. They can help you to complete this stage.
  3. Serve the writ - Once the company have received the writ they will despatch High Court Enforcement Officers to recover the debt. High Court Enforcement Officers have more authority than County Court bailiffs, so the results are extremely good.

Equita Debt in Allimore Green 

Equita debt recovery services in Allimore Green ST18 9 have many important industry accreditations to their name. Their practices have been awarded with high industry standards and they deal on a regular basis with respected institutions such as the High Court Enforcement Officers Association and the Civil Enforcement Association.

What this means is that when it comes to recovering debts, big or small, civil or High Court, Equita Ltd are the ones to trust.   

Equita Bailiffs Council Tax 

There are so many local councils that trust Equita bailiffs to retrieve council tax money for them that it would take too long to count them all. The bailiffs are responsible for millions of pounds worth of recoveries each and every year. 

They understand that for every council tax bill that is unpaid, it leaves less money to be spent on public services. This is why it is vital that each and every outstanding bill is recovered so that it can be spent on the local infrastructure and economy.

If you are looking for a company local to you who can offer bailiff advice closest to you and in surrounding areas, please complete the contact form provided.

Equita Pay Online 

Those that owe money to Equita’s clients have a number of options when it comes to paying their outstanding debts. The most popular method by far is paying online.

Equita pay online allows the debtors to settle their account in one easy transaction. The online payments are;

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Accepting most major credit and debit cards

They also send a confirmation of payment via email, so there is a record of the transaction being made. Most people choose this option so that further steps do not have to be taken to recover the debt.

Equita Payment Plan 

There are circumstances where an Equita payment plan is an option. If a debtor is unable to pay the client in full within the allotted time frame, the company may be able to arrange a payment plan for them.

This company are not in the habit of seeing people struggle unnecessarily, which is why they have a form that can be filled out with the debtors proposed plan of repayment. They can choose whether they pay

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly, or
  • Monthly

They can also choose how they plan to pay, either by Direct Debit or an alternative method, and finally, how much they propose to pay. Once these details have been agreed by all parties then a payment plan can be put into place.

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Please get in touch for more information on Equita Ltd in Allimore Green ST18 9 and details on their bailiffs and we will be able to help you out.

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