Ross and Roberts in Moyle

Ross and Roberts in Moyle

We can offer support to those who have received a call from Ross and Roberts bailiffs. If you are in this position, please get in touch with our team now.

Ross and Roberts Payments in Moyle

Ross and Roberts Payments in Moyle

If you are struggling with your Ross and Roberts payments, please complete the contact form provided and we will help you get back on your feet.

Ross and Roberts Removal Notice in Moyle

Ross and Roberts Removal Notice in Moyle

If you have received a Ross and Roberts removal notice and only have a small amount of money to your name, it is time to speak to a professional. Contact us now for more information.

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Ross and Roberts in Moyle 

Ross and Roberts in Moyle BT57 8 are one of the fastest growing civil enforcement agents in the country. Since being founded in 1997 they have expanded rapidly and so has their reputation for getting the job done and resolving last-standing issues with the minimum amount of fuss.

Where Ross & Roberts have really set the industry on fire is with their business plan. Although they have a wide business scope they keep their staff inner circle small. Virtually unheard of until Ross & Roberts introduced it, they make a habit of employing local people.

This means that everyone that works for them is invested in what it is they are doing because they have that extra bond with the community and are more sympathetic to people’s financial situations. This emotional investment has allowed them to carry out their work with a great deal of fairness and respect and still achieve results without resorting to the need for intimidation tactics.

Please get in touch for more information. Simply fill in the contact box provided and we will get back to you right away.

Ross & Roberts Pay Online

The pay online system allows people to settle their debts privately and with dignity. Understandably, people don’t wish to advertise that they are in financial difficulty, so by paying for their debts online it allows them to keep their private business exactly that; private.

The site is completely secure and encrypted, so people who are making payments to Ross & Roberts can rest assured that their data protection is taken seriously. The payment system accepts most major credit cards and debit cards and can be accessed twenty four hours a day.

All they need is;

  • Their reference number
  • Their client number
  • Personal details such as name, address, postcode
  • The amount they wish to pay
  • A valid credit or debit card

It couldn’t be simpler and it only takes a few minutes to do. That is why it is the most popular way that people choose to pay Ross & Roberts bills. 

Ross & Roberts Bailiffs Near Me 

When it reaches the stage where a client has tried numerous times to recoup money from someone and has had no response, the next logical step for them would be to use bailiffs.

The bailiffs are employed in-house, which means that they are on the company payroll. As a result, this means that these bailiffs are closely scrutinised by the Operations Directors to make sure that they uphold the company values.

Each bailiff is fully certificated and accredited, so you know that when they are acting on your behalf, they are not only professional but trained as well.

Our local team will be able to offer you more information on these bailiffs in Moyle BT57 8 and will be able to help you figure out a solution. If you are nearby or in surrounding areas and you are worried about bailiffs, please complete the contact form provided. 

Ross and Roberts Payment

This company like to pride themselves on their transparency and fairness. That’s why when it comes to making a payment they give people every opportunity to make contact with them first.

If a Notice of Enforcement has been sent then the person has seven days to contact Ross & Roberts. If they make contact during that time then they will do as much as they can to help. This may include advice on how to make the payment, or it may involve setting up a payment arrangement.

They would much rather set up a manageable payment scheme for someone than have to go down the route of removing goods from their property to pay the bill instead. As long as the payment plan does not default, there will be no further action taken. 

Can Bailiffs Enter My Home? 

A big worry when the word bailiff is mentioned is if they can enter your home. So, if you are wondering can these bailiffs enter my home?, the simple answer is no.

The Enforcement Officers are not allowed to enter your home under these circumstances;

  • Forcefully enter your property
  • Enter your property when you are not there
  • Enter your property if they are not invited to do so

They CAN enter your home if;

  • There is an open door
  • You invite them in

If you do not answer the door or you are not at home, they can leave a card to inform you that they have been to your property. It will also detail what will happen next.

Enforcement Notice Near Me

An Enforcement Notice will have come from the High Court. This happens when creditors have tried and failed to recoup their money and have applied to the High Court to retrieve it by issuing a writ.

A writ gives to the person seven days to respond and either pay in full or come to some payment arrangement with Ross & Roberts that both parties are satisfied with. If the seven days elapse without any agreement in place, then they are legally empowered to try to take the value back in goods from the person’s property.

This is obviously a situation that everyone wishes to avoid which is why they try their hardest to come to an agreeable arrangement once an Enforcement Notice has been served.

Ross and Roberts Council Tax 

Council tax bills seem to be the bill that people default on most. Unfortunately, the local authorities are not in a financial position to let these missed payments go and they enlist the help of Ross & Roberts to get it back.

The impact these unpaid bills has on the council’s ability to maintain infrastructure can be truly devastating. To preserve that infrastructure, the council tax collections account for a high percentage of the work that they do.

They have built up a large portfolio of councils over the past twenty years and have built up a relationship of trust with them. The debtors themselves are treated with respect and a range of financial options will be available to them to help them pay off their council tax arrears amicably. 

Ross and Roberts Removal Notice 

A removal notice will be issued if a Civil Enforcement Officer has been to a debtors address and they cannot confirm contact. The removal notice is a statement of intent and to advise the debtor in the strongest possible terms that they need to make contact with the office to resolve the issue.

For more information on Ross and Roberts in Moyle BT57 8 make certain to get in touch with our team now and we will get back to you with details on the company and what we can do to help.

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